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Remedial Massage & Myofascial Release

Ringwood North Vic 3134

PH: 0424 261 826

Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim at Melt Massage Therapy is for you to feel as comfortable as possible, both mentally and physically.

Massage can be a new experience, so we ensure everything is explained and all your questions are answered.

I’ve never had a massage, what happens in my first treatment?

You will be asked to complete a health history form which the therapist will discuss with you to assess your general health and identify any conditions or problems you may have. You may be asked to perform particular movements to check for restricted movement, muscle or joint pain or to assess posture.  This assessment enables us to structure the best treatment plan for you and your body.

What will I wear for the massage?

A level of undress is usually required for treatment, however you will be asked to leave your underwear on.  You may be asked to remove your bra if you are comfortable to do so, to allow the therapist to access areas such as the back and shoulders.
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When Was Your Last Massage?

You will be appropriately covered with towels at all times, except the area being worked on, so you will feel safe and comfortable. 

How will I feel after the massage?

Lethargy and fatigue can be common after a massage, so rest, relax and try not to drink alcohol, as it may have a stronger affect.

Some people experience, such as those with low blood pressure, may experience a little dizziness when getting up to get off the table, so take it slowly and perhaps sit on the edge of the table until you are confident to stand.

Will I be sore after the massage?

Depending on the style of massage and pressure used, you may feel a little soreness that is similar to the feeling you get after exercising.  This feeling will ease within 2-3 days.

How often do I need to have a massage?

Once your therapist has treated you, they will assess and recommend the appropriate treatment plan for you.  Depending on your condition, a series of treatments may be recommended.  We all get our cars serviced on a regular basis, and it is a good idea to try and maintain your body and health at least once a month.

If you’re just after a relaxing massage, you can decide how frequently you would like the treatment.

How can I improve the effects of my massage?

Increase your intake of water following the massage, this helps to flush out the toxins that have been released in your muscle fibres and surrounding tissues. Depending on your treatment outcomes, stretches may be recommended and you should follow through with these at home to maximise the effects of the massage.

I have private health insurance ‘extra’s cover,’ can I claim massage?

Depending on your level of insurance cover, you may be able to claim massage, the amount you get back will be dependent on your health fund.  It is best to check with your health insurer as to whether your policy covers you for massage.  A receipt will be provided so you can make a claim with your health insurer.